Dr.R.DEENESH KUMAR M.A.,MA.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
I extend every one of you, a very warm and hearty welcome to our B.Ed. College. In this college we intend to provide Quality Education as per the norms suggested by National Educational Policy. “All round development of the personality of an individual" is the real goal of education. This is possible only by the collective and equitable responsibility of teachers, students, parents, managements, the state and the central Govt. education policies and their support. When all these five combine together and contribute their best, in discharging their duties and responsibility of students on desired lines. “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one stands on one’s own feet”. Our college ambition is to become, one of the best colleges of education in the "Teacher Education map" of the state and India. To achieve this noble objective we are committed to the development on the following lines.

  • Raising the quality of teacher Education continuously and by developing the college as one of the centers of "Human resource development" in the ever changing social set up.
  • Serving the cause of education by giving proper lead to the enrichment and progress of the individual and society.
  • Discharging the duties and obligations to the students by the staff on efficient lines.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the "Quality Management System" continuously.
  • Contributing to the improvement of "Educational Climate" in the classrooms and in the campus.
  • Involving the parents and students to know more about the facilities provided in our college through personal contacts and electronic media and establish a good rapport.

    At the heart of our college we are with the attitude to create right achievement which we continually endeavor to make part of our ethos. As pioneers in education, we have had our activities constantly monitored to ensure that the best academic standards are maintained, we have established a reputation as such and well continue to maintain it.
    We aim to continue providing our students with sufficient skills, knowledge and attitude to meet the challenges of the society. In this respect, besides academic activities the institute run students houses and clubs which exists to promote their educational, social and general interests and the students officers of these houses and clubs play most valuable roles.
    We take pride in our diversity that enables our students to learn and appreciate variety of cultures. Quality education enables the student's teachers to reach their true potentialities. We also emphasize a holistic training to our student teachers.
    In this process, we transform our student teachers into best teachers, so that will be able to mould the future generation efficiently and effectively.


    NEWS AND EVENTS 2018-2019