The department works to develop interest and appreciate the various pedagogical principles in teaching of computer science. The students are made to familiarize with the various methods to teach computer science and to plan learning activities according to the concept. The students can acquire the knowledge on latest trend in information technology.

  • The field of computer is fast changing, experts are invited to explore the recent changes in the IT field. To acquire the skill of operating the computer in multifarious activities pertaining of teaching to develop skill in MS-WORD, PowerPoint, WEB-designing and preparation of power point.
  • To motivate the students in e-learning, virtual learning, and web enabled learning.
  • The department of computer science also focuses on teaching the Student-Teachers the latest trends in IT and its impact on other fields.
  • The department organizes “Computer Expo”, which help the students to display the charts and models to show the technological development of IT.